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Unplayed games

DateDivHome TeamAway TeamRe-arrange byClaim byClaimed
17 Sep 16BFarnham Royal IIBracknell Bulls15 Oct 1622 Oct 16VOID
01 Oct 16AHigh Wycombe IVDrifters Development29 Oct 1605 Nov 16VOID
08 Oct 16AUniversity of SurreyDrifters Development05 Nov 1612 Nov 16VOID
19 Nov 16BBeaconsfield BanditsFarnham Royal II17 Dec 1624 Dec 16VOID
03 Dec 16BKingsclere IIBeaconsfield Bandits31 Dec 1607 Jan 17VOID
17 Dec 16ADrifters DevelopmentRedingensians V14 Jan 1721 Jan 17VOID
07 Jan 17ADrifters DevelopmentChinnor Vets04 Feb 1711 Feb 17VOID
21 Jan 17AChinnor VetsRedingensians V18 Feb 1725 Feb 17Yes (A)
21 Jan 17BKingsclere IIFarnham Royal II18 Feb 1725 Feb 17VOID
28 Jan 17ARedingensians VDrifters Development25 Feb 1704 Mar 17VOID
28 Jan 17BFarnham Royal IIBeaconsfield Bandits25 Feb 1704 Mar 17VOID
04 Feb 17BBeaconsfield BanditsKingsclere II04 Mar 1711 Mar 17VOID
18 Feb 17BAylesbury IVBracknell Bulls18 Mar 1725 Mar 17Yes (H)
18 Feb 17BEgham Hollowegians IIReading Rhinos18 Mar 1725 Mar 17VOID
25 Feb 17AChinnor VetsHenley IV25 Mar 1701 Apr 17VOID
25 Feb 17BBracknell BullsFarnham Royal II25 Mar 1701 Apr 17VOID
25 Feb 17BKingsclere IIAylesbury IV25 Mar 1701 Apr 17Yes (A)
04 Mar 17BAylesbury IVEgham Hollowegians II01 Apr 1708 Apr 17Yes (H)
11 Mar 17AReading IVHenley IV08 Apr 1715 Apr 17Yes (H)
11 Mar 17BKingsclere IIBracknell Bulls08 Apr 1715 Apr 17No
18 Mar 17BAylesbury IVKingsclere II15 Apr 1722 Apr 17Yes (H)
25 Mar 17AHenley IVHigh Wycombe IV22 Apr 1729 Apr 17Yes (H)
25 Mar 17AHigh Wycombe IVHenley IV22 Apr 1729 Apr 17Yes (A)
25 Mar 17AUniversity of Surrey IVRedingensians V22 Apr 1729 Apr 17No
01 Apr 17BEgham Hollowegians IIFarnham Royal II29 Apr 1701 May 17No
08 Apr 17BBracknell BullsReading Rhinos01 May 1701 May 17No
08 Apr 17BFarnham Royal IIEgham Hollowegians II01 May 1701 May 17No

When claims are received they are discussed at the next management meeting. H=claim by home team, A=claim by away team Claims should be submitted to with a copy to the opposing team
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